You Don’t Need To Worry (it’s all working out)

Annabelle Matson

This is a gentle reminder that you don’t need to worry.


You don’t need to worry about next week or next month or how all the pieces are going to come together.


Fear is a sign that you are trying to control the outcome. Trying to plan everything out with your human brain.


There are AMAZING outcomes that are on their way to you, that you couldn’t have possibly planned out or seen with your human brain.


Control is just an illusion because we actually can’t control anything in our lives.


This is a hard pill to swallow for me being a Type A personality 😉


BUT try to let go of needing to know everything.


The Universe WANTS to support you.

The Universe wants to shower abundance, love and opportunities all over you.

The Universe will take care of the things you can’t see yet.

The Universe will bring all of the pieces together.


Let go of your anxieties and worries. Trust that everything is unfolding as it needs to in ways that you will soon understand.


Show up for your part. Take the actions you know you need to take.


Trust that the rest of the actions will come.


I hope this helps you.



With love

Annabelle x



P.S. Send this reminder to someone who needs it

P.P.S. Often I write about things that I need to be reminded about too 🙂

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