Thinking About Becoming A Coach? Here’s What You Need To Know

Imagine a fulfilling career where you can set your own hours, work from home if you please while making a huge difference in the lives of others.

Does this sound too good to be true?

While I’ve just described is the life of a Coach.

With the increased need to live more purposeful, joyous lives, comes the need for people to work with someone who can show them HOW to get there.

Personal coaching is an exciting and fulfilling career…but it’s also financially rewarding as well.

When you hear the word “Coach” you might think of a Sports Coach, what I’m talking about here is quite different. A Coach who motivates, inspires and supports a client to transform an aspect of their life.

Perhaps you’ve wondered what qualifications you need, what area to focus on or where your career as a Coach could take you.

In this article I’m going to share with you where a career in Coaching can take you, different coaching niches, the importance of finding the right program, common roadblocks to success and everything you need to know to get started.

Who Can Become A Coach?

If you’re feeling drawn to coaching it’s more than likely you’re naturally empathetic and supportive and your friends and family always turn to you when they need some help. If this is you, coaching would be a great career choice.

Here are some other qualities that most Coaches have in common:

  • Can listen effectively
  • Are compassionate and empathetic
  • Love personal development & self-improvement
  • Are clear communicators
  • Value doing work that makes a positive impact
  • Have a desire to make a difference in the world
  • Honest and act with integrity

Perhaps you’re a Mum who wants to have the freedom to spend more time with your children and create your own schedule.

Maybe corporate life is no longer fulfilling for you and you’d love to work from home and wake up each day doing work that impacts others positively.

Steps To Becoming A Coach

Get Certified

While there is no requirement to be Certified as a Coach, it’s very helpful. Completing a Coaching Certification means that you have learned the necessary skills to be able to work with clients effectively.

BUT choosing the right coaching certification is incredibly important.  

There’s an outdated coaching model that’s being taught everywhere 

The traditional coaching model is based on a very limited approach of asking your client questions so they can come up with the answers themselves and not much else. There’s a lot of focus on theory, without learning any application to real-life coaching situations.

This means many graduates of traditional coaching programs leave feeling anxious and worried about how to actually work with clients in the real-world.

While asking the right questions is an important component of coaching, if you really want to get your clients’ results and build a solid reputation, you’re going to need to learn skills that go beyond the traditional coaching model.

Knowing how to coach, but also use a range of transformation skills while set you apart from just about every other coach out there and ensure you build a successful business.

This approach forms the basis of The Transformational Coaching Certification Program.

This “new school” approach to coaching and transformation gives you and your clients a huge advantage and will elevate the results they get from working with you.

When you start to work with clients, you’ll understand just how valuable it is to know how to utilise a whole range of transformation skills, not just coaching.

Decide On a Niche

A niche is important because it helps you to focus on working with the perfect clients for you and it’s easy for a potential client to see if your work is the right fit for them.

Notice how this is step #2. Many people don’t get started in their career as a Coach because they aren’t sure on which area to focus on. Your coaching niche won’t come from waiting. Once you immerse yourself in a Certification or training program with likeminded people and develop your skills further you’ll be able to see clearly the niche that excites you the most and where you’d like to focus your work.

How do you know which nice to choose?

Ask yourself:

  • What do I love to do?
  • What comes naturally to me?
  • What experiences have I been through to date that I am uniquely placed to support others with?

A lot of Coaches end up working with clients who have been through a similar experience to them.

Here are some sample niches:
  • Health & Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Mindset
  • Career
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Marketing 
  • Relationships
  • Sales 

Remember: Not knowing which coaching niche to choose shouldn’t stop you from getting started! Once you immerse yourself in a coaching program you’ll see exactly where your natural abilities and new found skills are most suited.

Where can Coaching take you?

The pathways with a career in Coaching are truly endless. The beauty is you can design a coaching business that plays to your strengths, works around your lifestyle, while making a positive impact with your work.

Here are some examples:
  • Work privately with clients (either in person or completely online)
  • Work with groups of people
  • Create digital products available for purchase on your website
  • Host retreats
  • Conduct trainings at gyms or spas
  • Create wellness programs in your community or workplace
  • Teach and consult in workplaces
  • Write books
  • Create programs
  • Start a podcast
  • Get featured in magazines, press, TV shows

…and SO much more!

In The Transformational Coaching Certification, you receive a suite of “done-for-you” Transformation Resources Bundle which includes over 100 pages of program tools, templates, resource lists and guides to take all the guesswork out of supporting your clients to epic results.

This resource bundle will give your business the professional edge, covers a wide range of coaching areas and means as soon as you graduate you’ll feel totally confident to use these tools to host a workshop or retreat, create a collection of digital products or start working privately with clients right away.

If you’ve read this far it’s clear that coaching is something you’re interested in. Maybe you might be thinking…

“This sounds great BUT I’m not perfect! I’m still working through challenges in my own life, can I still be a Coach?”

You don’t need to be perfect to be able to coach effectively. In fact, your clients don’t want you to be perfect.

Imagine working with a Coach who sits on a pedestal, where every element of their life is in order and they can’t relate to the challenges and struggles of their clients?

Your clients need to feel as though they can relate to you and that you have empathy and understanding for their situation.

Empathy and understanding only comes from your own struggles and challenges.

Being real (rather than perfect) builds trust and rapport which is an absolutely key component in your clients getting results.

You only need to be a few steps ahead of your clients to be able to support them effectively.

If your life is falling apart, take some time to get this in order before you begin your career as a Coach.

If you’re like 99% of the population and still facing challenges BUT you’re committed to becoming the best you can be – then you’re ready!

By joining a Certification program, it’s very likely you will undergo your own personal transformation which means you’ll be in a different place by the time you start working with clients.

In the right training program, you’ll be learning not only how to help others but also how to help yourself. You’ll grow more confident, resilient, know how to navigate life’s challenges effectively and learn a range of strategies to feel your best.

Final Thoughts….

You don’t need to feel completely confident and ready before you take the first steps to becoming a Coach. In fact, starting before you feel ready is a key quality of successful people.

Coaching is a skill you learn. Certifications are important for that very reason. Once you put yourself in a supportive learning environment, invest time and energy into developing coaching techniques and strategies, your confidence will sky-rocket.

You’ll know exactly how to respond to your client’s problems and issues and skillfully guide them to the results they are seeking because you’ve learned how to do it!

I’ve created The Transformational Coaching Certification so you can develop all of the necessary skills to confidently work with clients. You’ll learn skills that go well beyond traditional coaching methods and instead learn a range of transformation methods so your clients get incredible incredible results from working with you (even if you’re just starting out).

Having the skills to work with clients at this level translates into glowing testimonials, constant referrals, a successful business and the deep satisfaction knowing you’re making a big difference in the lives of others.

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