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Start living your dream life today!

Picture It...

Alarm goes off. 

You open your eyes and turn to your phone.

You check your email before getting out of bed. 

The weight of the day hits you heavily.

  Ugh there’s so much to do today! 

A quick scroll through FB and Instagram.

You’re barely awake but the comparison sets in. 

You feel like you’re not doing enough.

You’ve been awake for 10 minutes and you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

When did life become so hard?  

Now Imagine This:  

You wake up feeling light and energised.

The positive affirmations from the night before are ringing in your mind.  


You know today is going to be a good day.  

You jump into your Morning Routine and feel a sense of peace wash over you.

As you get ready for the day, you’re listening to an inspiring audio. 


It’s like having your own Personal Coach in your ear, showing you exactly how to become your best self. 

You take a moment to reflect on how much your life has changed in a short period of time.  

Your life has meaning now.  

You’re feeling so inspired about your latest projects.  

You feel clear and confident about your future. 

This isn’t a pipe dream.  

This kind of peace, happiness and freedom is available to you.  

I’ve done it. I’ve discovered how to access these kinds of feelings every day.

 So have over 100 women from around the world.  

Now it’s your turn.  

Hi I'm Annabelle Matson 

My former life involved racing around at a million miles an hour, living off anxious energy. 

Everyday felt like a battle.

I was constantly living for Friday nights or my next holiday away hoping that it would provide a temporary fix to the frustration and unhappiness I felt.  

At rock bottom, I was deeply unhappy and physically very unwell. I had completely lost sight of who I really was and no choice but to make a commitment to take back control of my health, life and happiness.  


This lead me on a life-changing journey of self discovery.

What I discovered through this process has given me the most powerful asset of all: how to be in charge of my own happiness.

This journey motivated me to make a decision to coach and support others to the same kind of positive change in their lives too. 

Today, I run a successful 6 figure coaching business supporting clients around the world to create meaningful and happy lives. 

I am the founder of The Dream Life Academy and The Transformational Coaching Certification. I am living out my life's purpose every day.

My work has been featured in places like The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Food Matters and many more.


Let me be clear: You did NOT come into this life to struggle and stress out. 

You can start living your dream life today and I'll show you how.

If you’re struggling in your life right now, feeling stressed and unclear about how to be your best self

...Wishing you were more inspired by your work

Or had the confidence to make a change and achieve what you desire.

...Know that you don’t have to stay here.

There is a way to start living an amazing life filled with all the things you desire.

BUT the happiness and fulfillment you're seeking won’t come from a holiday away or finally fitting into that pants size.  

(At least for the long term)  


The only way to create LONG-LASTING happiness and fulfillment and to achieve what you truly desire is to create the inner transformation first.  

This is the missing link and why you’ve struggled in the past.  

You need to be able to heal the parts of you that are afraid and are holding you back in your comfort zone. 

If you want to create a different experience in your life, you need to be able to change the way you see yourself and the world around you.  


When you understand how to create these inner changes - this is when EPIC changes on the outside begin to happen.  

You’ll DREAM bigger, gain the clarity about what you really desire, start attracting incredible things into your life and have the confidence to say YES to new & exciting opportunities.  

When you understand how to create an inner transformation, all that change you’ve been waiting for happens, fast (and it lasts!).  

 My methods will help you break free and find the happiness, fulfillment, confidence and purpose you've been longing for.  


Become Your Best Self. Live With Happiness Now. Feel Inspired About Your Future. 

 This program has transformed the lives of over 100 women around the world...  

Are you next?  

What can The Dream Life Academy do for you?

 You will: 

>> Discover a new-found sense of passion & excitement about life and feel completely re-energised  

>> Redesign your lifestyle, let go of stress and anxiety and feel instead feel balanced, calm and present  

>> Finally overcome the “stuck points” that have held you back in the past from making your life the best it can be so you feel more free and confident than ever before!  

>> Clearly define your purpose and goals and the pathway to achieving them so you’ve propelled forward by a clear sense of direction  



>> Create unwavering confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities  


>> Learn happiness hacks that allow you to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a sense of flow and peace in your life.  



>> Deepen the connection in your relationship (or gain confidence to attract the right partner for you).  


>> Give yourself permission to start making your dreams a reality.  



When you join The Dream Life Academy you’ll be guided through a carefully curated 12 week experience to transform your life.  

The Dream Life Academy includes video and audio trainings, downloadable workbooks and resources all housed inside an online membership site which you can access 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.  

You can join from wherever you are based - all you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!  

Over 12 weeks you will be guided through the signature Dream Life Framework and receive the exact steps, tools & support when you need it to feel the best you’ve ever felt and start living your dreams and goals.  

 (This kind of guidance means you won’t feel overwhelmed and always know what to do)  


PLUS your support is not just limited to the 12 weeks of the program. As part of your membership you will receive ongoing access to the program and all future updates to the program, so you keep growing and come back to the material anytime you need to.


  • A 12 week program with Annabelle Matson to create your dream life and feel the best you’ve felt in years!  
  • 6 comprehensive modules filled with transformative strategies, tools and exercises to see the BIGGEST transformation in the shortest possible time 

  • Highly motivational videos for each module that walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to put in place to create your dream life.  

  • MP3s of all the videos (so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go)


Clear, step-by-step exercises and worksheets (because there’s nothing more frustrating than wishy-washy advice that doesn’t show you EXACTLY how to implement what you’ve learned)  

The practices & tools inside these 6 modules will transport you to the bright future you have been longing for.  

(Content value alone $3,000)  

Implementation Weeks so you have time to absorb and begin to implement what you have learned so you feel motivated by your results and keep moving ahead consistently  

Weekly Accountability Emails each week of the program you'll receive an email from Annabelle introducing you to the material for the week, plus she'll be dropping motivatnal tips and inspiring you to take your results even further.

24/7 access to all material from the comfort of your own home. Keep on growing with lifetime access to all of the materials. Get complimentary updates to the training material. (annual value of updates $800)  


The Follow Through Formula Audio Series (Value $97)

This is a powerful 5 part audio series which teaches you clear strategies for committing to change so you will change your life and make it last Following this formula guarantees results!

The Dream Life Meditation Album ($97)

You will receive access to my powerful 6 part meditation album including Self Love, Rest & Restore, Ideal Life and Morning Evening Meditations. 

OVER $5,000+ OF VALUE  

Still got questions? 

What's covered in The Dream Life Academy?


In this first module you’ll learn how to let go of stress, anxiety & constant “busyness” and instead show up every day as the PERSON YOU WANT TO BE – fully present, relaxed and calm.  

You’ll be implementing simple self care and wellness routines so you’re waking up everyday, feeling energised and eager to get going and can maintain this sense of positivity throughout your day. You’ll learn how to prioritise things that make you feel happy, introducing a new found sense of passion into your life.  


In Module 2 we’ll be zeroing in on how and where you’re stuck and you’ll learn the most effective tools to let go of any old ‘stuff’ that’s been holding you back, so you can take LEAPS towards everything you desire.  

DLA Alumni often say that the two tools that I teach inside this module changed everything for them. This work is the missing link that has meant you’ve struggled in the past. Once you understand how to let go of what’s holding you back, it becomes like a superpower and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and what you’re attracting into your life.


In this module you’ll be getting up close and personal with beliefs & thought patterns that are preventing you from creating the life you want and learn how to FINALLY dial down that voice of your inner critic.  

You'll learn simple techniques to end self doubt, instead create unwavering confidence and self-belief. You’ll experience the power of self love and the incredible change it creates in all areas of your life.  

Tapping into this kind of confidence literally makes your world come alive and will burst open the possibilities for your life. Before you know it you will be projecting the energy of someone who is confident, positive and happy (Because guess what? You will be!)



In this module, you’ll let go of what you think you SHOULD do and instead uncover what you REALLY want from your life and design the most exciting future for yourself.  

You’ll get totally clear on the true desires, your purpose and learn how to set exciting goals (both short and long term) in all areas of your life so you feel inspired by a clear sense of direction.  

This module will support you discover the exact details of your dream life, even if you’ve never been able to set goals in the past. Get ready to feel totally inspired about your future!


This module is all about inspired action and this is where the Dream Life Academy Formula starts to get really exciting!  

In this module you will map out the key action steps to take to bring your goals to life and how to work WITH the Universe to manifest these and get connected with the people, resources, opportunity and money to make your dreams come true. You’ll be enjoying total fulfillment and feel so pumped up about what’s to come!


Ever had problems following through and staying consistent in the past?  

In this final module, you’ll be anchoring in everything you’ve learned in the program and learn my secrets to maintaining all of the positive change in an easy and effortless way. You’ll be designing own personal “toolbox” so you know exactly what needs to be a priority as you move into your dream life!

Still have questions? 

What do others say about their experience in The Dream Life Academy?

Watch the video below to learn first hand from Harriet, Alice, Diane and Emily and the results they have experienced from DLA...

WATCH NOW to see real women just like you, creating their dream lives.

This program will change your life. 

Stepping into DLA is like having your own personal Coach lovingly guiding you to the future you’ve been dreaming about. 

You’ll be reawakening an everyday sense of joy and happiness in your life and feel so excited about what you’re working towards and what’s to come!  

This program has transformed the lives of over 100 women around the world...are you next? 


I’ve never done a program like this before. Is this for me? Yes! It’s the perfect place to start. The only prerequisite required is a willingness to make a change and feel great! I guide you through everything.  

What’s the schedule for the course? Can I go at my own pace? Yes. Upon purchasing the course you’ll get access to the membership site and the first module of the program. From there modules will be dripped out to you over 12 weeks. It’s entirely self-paced and the content is online 24/7, so you can take it whenever and wherever you want. Plus you get lifetime access so you can return to the content again and again.  

How is the course delivered? All of the content for the program lives inside a private member’s only portal. For each module there are videos, audio downloads, and PDF worksheets. You can watch, listen or read — or all 3.  

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Instead of paying in full you have the option to pay 2 smaller monthly installments. However, a $20 finance fee will be added to your total. The payment plan is 2 payments of $260. The first payment is processed immediately, the second payment is processed 30 days after you buy.

How long will I have access to the content for? You have lifetime access to the course material. It never expires. You can go through the program over 12 weeks or go at completely your own pace.

What if I have more questions? No problem, send a message to my Facebook Page and we are happy to help you out.  

Take a look at what our DLA clients have to say in their own words...

What are you waiting for?!  

Start creating the life you want by TAKING THE FIRST STEP.  

  Remember, nothing changes if you don’t change.  

The Dream Life Academy is the secret to living an amazing life and I'll be guiding you every step of the way. 

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