The 3 Most Common Ways We Block Ourselves From Our Dreams

Now, more than ever, the world needs conscious, heart-centered women who are claiming their desires and confidently committing to their dreams.

Here’s the problem though: there can be a lot of ‘stuff’ that surfaces when we consider what we want and then step out to make it happen. 

Today I’m sharing the 3 most common ways we can block ourselves from taking action towards our dreams and how we can begin to overcome these.

It’s unlikely you start a day asking yourself: “How can I block myself today?” Of course you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed, but in reality, we often shoot ourselves in the foot. 

Part of us really wants change, but the other part of us really wants to stay safe.

This is what creates an internal conflict (that can often be quite subconscious). This internal conflict then shows up as one of these 3 blocks. 

Uncovering how you’re blocking yourself is absolutely key to being able to move forward and creating the success and happiness you dream about.


Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving for excellence.  As a ‘recovering perfectionist’ myself, this block is near and dear to me!  

When we peel the layers back of perfectionism, we get to the core of what it’s really about: a fear of being judged by others. We try to do everything perfectly so that no one criticizes us and we can finally feel good about ourselves. 

Being perfect is impossible (and not necessary) to get to where you want to be. What’s more important is that you show up for yourself and your dreams.

Journal on these questions: 

What are you putting off because you feel like it’s not (or you’re not) perfect enough yet?

How would it feel if you gave yourself permission to just be yourself and show up as you are?

What does your “inner self” need to hear from you to make it easier to move forward imperfectly?


When we procrastinate, we are usually trying to avoid some kind of discomfort. Usually, this is some kind of fear (when something feels big, scary and unknown)

What’s ironic about procrastination, is by trying to avoid the discomfort we end up creating more for ourselves. We end up prolonging the discomfort – the stuckness, the dissatisfaction the stress of staying where are by not taking action – so the cycle just continues.

It’s really normal to step outside of your comfort zone and feel fear. 

There’s a part of your mind that craves the familiar and certain and will create all sorts of reasons why ‘you’re too busy’ or ‘there’s not enough time’ to take action on your dreams. 

Be aware when these stories show up and understand what it’s actually about (fear). 

Journal on these questions:

In what ways am I not making time for myself and my dreams?

If I could pick one small action (that doesn’t feel too hard) to get into the flow of momentum what would that be?


We can waste so much time weighing up the pros and cons of decisions and it becomes a way we hold ourselves back from taking action on anything at all. 

To get out of overwhelm and create clarity and certainty you must take action.

As you step out and take action, you’ll get feedback from your environment and you’ll come to realise you’re either totally on the right track, or something needs to shift. Either way, you’ve gained wisdom and clarity that would never have showed up if you stayed at step 1. 

Remember: there are always more steps to take if you discover something isn’t as you expected. 

As long as you don’t give up, you’ll always be redirected to where you need to be. 

Give yourself permission to move forward and don’t judge your results. Instead – judge your success on how much you say “yes” to what you desire and then ironically, the outer success you’ve been seeking will follow you.

Journal on these questions: 

When I look at all of the options that are available to me, which one feels the most exciting and aligned right now?

What would it look like to give myself permission to explore this direction without pressure or fear?

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