Why You’re Struggling To Take Consistent Action (And How To Overcome It)

Why you're struggling

Why You’re Struggling To Take Consistent Action (And How To Overcome It)


Do you ever get frustrated that you know what you should be doing – but you still don’t do it?

Often we can see all of the logical things we need to do to change habits, feel better, progress a business idea or put ourselves out there in some way, but we either don’t start or struggle to stay consistent.

In this article, I’m lifting the lid on this topic. You’ll learn why this pattern is showing up and how to bust through it.

When we aren’t taking action (even though we really want the result it will create for us), it’s usually because there’s some conflict that exists between the goals and the process of getting to them.

If you notice that you procrastinate, stall, progress ideas to a certain point – listen up!

Here’s why this frustrating pattern keeps occurring:


  1. On some level, you perceive that there’s too much “pain” attached to taking action (driven by some kind of fear – usually to do with a fear of failure or stepping outside of your comfort zone).
  2. The pain of staying where you are isn’t strong enough yet
  3. You haven’t clearly defined the benefits of what taking the action will create for you (the results aren’t juicy enough).


1. Too Much Pain Attached To Taking Action (Driven By Fear)


Even though we can logically see that taking action is going to get us the result that we want and the result is important and something we really value, the reason why we don’t follow through is that there is too much pain attached to doing it.

As humans, our brain is really wired to avoid fear and discomfort as a way of protecting us. BUT this doesn’t help, because changing will always require us to feel a level of discomfort to get the result we want.

Take a moment now and think about something you’ve had difficulty following through on. This could be anything from applying for a job, or putting yourself forward for more responsibility, progressing a business idea, doing more to promote your business, going out on a date, committing to a health program.

What might be the fear operating below the surface?

Often it’s to do with a fear of not being liked, being rejected, not being good enough or a fear of failing.


What might be driving your lack of action?

When you take the action what do you think might happen?

What would you make that mean?

What story would come up for you then?

The reason why you are staying inside your comfort zone is because of this.

As human beings we NEVER do anything that on some level doesn’t serve us. Even if on the surface you’re hearing yourself say that you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing – there’s always a side benefit. It could be that you get to be right, it keeps you safe, or you don’t have to be rejected.


Is that really true?

Is it really true that XYZ would happen?

Do you have any proof or is that just a story that you’ve made up somewhere along the way?

Get this fear down, because once you identify it, it starts to loosen up.


2. Make The Pain Of Staying Where You Are Strong

You need to start stacking up the pain of staying where you are to kick yourself into action and really take a look at what’s at stake if you don’t move forward.


Take out your journal:


How would it feel to be in the same place in 6 months, 12 months?

How would it feel to get to the Xmas holidays and realise that you are still working with the same problems?

How would it feel to be ending another year not having moved the needle on your life? Still complaining about the same old things to your friends and family?

This may seem really depressing and dark, but that feeling of total frustration can be turned into your biggest motivator.

The gap between where you are now and where you want to go and not being there creates tension and it’s this tension that’s the impetus for BIG change. This tension will drive you forward. Our brain is wired to take action when this feeling of tension is bigger than any pain (or fears) associated with doing it. When this tension is big enough, it will drive you forward.

Take some time to get clear on this.


3. Identify The Juicy Benefits Of Following Through (In Specific Detail)


Take out your journal and reflect on what taking the scary or uncomfortable action will create for you.


Will it mean more freedom and free time?

Will it mean you can choose your own hours? Be there for your kids school things?

Will it mean more money, holidays, nice clothes or things for your house?

Will you be an example for those around you?

Will you be able to give back and contribute to your community?

Will it mean you get to wake up and choose your own hours?

Will it mean that you walk into a room and people come up to you and compliment you on how amazing you look?

Will it mean that you sit by the pool on your holiday and feel a total sense of satisfaction with how your body looks?


Make the rewards of changing bigger than the pain or fear of taking action. This becomes your leverage and enables you to push through – even when it feels scary.


If you’ve ever found it hard to take action consistently, I encourage you to go through the steps above and leave me your “aha’s” below in the comments! Love to hear it.


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