Struggling To Create The Change You Want? Do This.


Do you ever get frustrated and wonder when things are going to change for you?

“When will I start making more money”

“When am I going to feel happy”

“When will I find that great job”

What if I told you there’s a really easy way to know what your life will look like in just 3 months from now?

Your life is the product of your activities from 90 days ago.

Read that again and commit it to memory.

You can also flip that and say:

Your life in 90 days will be the product of your activities you’re doing today.

So if you’re not happy about where your life is at the moment, use this.

What were you doing 90 days ago?

What were you spending time on? What were you not spending enough time on? What did you waste too much time on?

Were you fiddling around with insignificant tasks or were you taking action on the tasks that are going to move you forward towards your dreams and goals?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day details, that you forget to intentionally “point” your life in the right direction.

So let’s change that right now.


The 4-Step Dream Life Process


I’m about to give you a powerful process for creating the life of your dreams in the next 90 days.


1. Create 3 Clear Goals

First, you’ve gotta figure out what you want in clear, tangible terms.

What are you changing and what will it look like once you have it?

If there’s uncertainty in your vision it leaves room for resistance to creep in. A great way to do this is to set three goals: good, better and best.

Good is the bare minimum. You would feel content about it. Better would make you pretty happy. And best feels like it would blow your mind (these are the ones I love the most!)

2. Determine the 3 most important activities that will get you there

You MUST focus on the tasks that are going to make your goal happen.

So often we distract ourselves with “busyness” because it seems important (I have to wait until… kind of talk)

This isn’t going to help you.

Focus on your goal.

Pick the 3 things you need to do more of each day to make that goal happen and focus on those 3 things like nobody’s business.

You want to talk about your life up-levelling in a massive way, this is where it’s at!


3. Prepare For The Challenges

Anytime you go through change, it’s inevitable there will be moments that feel so challenging that you just want to give up.

You need to prepare for these ahead of time, so this one situation doesn’t pull you off track and cost you the whole process.

Have a clear plan and strategise about what you will do when things don’t go well or according to plan.

For example:

>> What are you going to do when you put forward the proposal or piece of work for your boss to review and you get criticised?

>> What are you going to do when you’re travelling for work and there’s nothing but McDonalds to eat?

>> What will you do when the kids are home for school holidays and there’s no time for you and the things that make you feel good?

Who will you call? What’s going to be the action you take?

In that moment of potential weakness, rather than doing something that will likely set you back, you won’t need to think about it because the positive action step is just there for you to take.

There is so much power in thinking through challenges.

4. Step back and evaluate if you’re actively creating the life you want.

At least once a month, step back from the day-to-day activities and the “busyness” and see if you’re still on course. If you need to change the course, that’s ok but at least you know and can take action from there.

Commit to these 4 steps and your ability to make positive change happen (for good) will blow your mind! 



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