Private Coaching with Annabelle

If you’re feeling called to a more purpose-filled life, it can be confusing to know where to begin (especially when you’ve spent a long time listening to your fears). 

I believe that deep down, we do know what we want (and where to go) but this clarity gets buried underneath the self-doubt, the comparisons and the stories of not being good enough.

I’m here to help you let go of what’s holding you back so you can:

Get clear on your bigger vision for your life & work.
Trust yourself and your decisions and stand totally in your power.
Feel confident to walk through life as yourself.
Commit to yourself and your dreams.
Start doing your life, your way.

My work is for you if:

  • You compare yourself and your life to the people around you and you know it’s holding you back
  • You constantly question your decisions and wonder whether you’re on the right path
  • You feel overwhelmed about where to start to make changes in your life and/or business
  • You have a million and one ideas about things you could do but you find it hard to get off the starting blocks
  • You are bogged down by the busyness of day to day life which means you can’t see the wood for the trees
  • You want to release old stories, limits, patterns and sabotages that have been holding you back from feeling more at ease
  • You want to let go of “what you should do” and instead get connected with your own light and do life your way

In my Private Coaching work, here’s what I can help you with:

Crystal Clarity

Who are you and what do you want? Create a life where everything looks and feels more of how you want it to.

Explore the depths of what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled
Get connected with what drives you and what your own kind of soul-aligned success looks like
Define your desires and a future direction that feels totally aligned and completely “you”
Create a plan to transition from where you are to where you want to be and fit all of the pieces together to make it a reality

Shifting Your Stuff

Let go of old fears and limiting patterns that are holding you back from creating the changes and life you desire

Zero in on how and where you’re stuck and get to the heart of your patterns & triggers
Release and do a deep clean of the underlying blocks & fears that don’t serve you and are limiting your potential
Learn the power of working with & healing your inner child so you can transcend your own “inner glass ceiling” and feel safe to achieve exactly what you desire
Do the deeper inner work that frees you from your past and opens you up to incredible changes in your life.

Own Your Value

Discover the relief that comes from being who you really are.

Learn to stand totally in your power and worth, knowing that who you are and what you have to offer is enough
Feel more confident in expressing yourself, as yourself and allow the real you to shine through in your life
Feel more deserving of what you have and what you want 
Shift into a space of self-belief and acceptance that makes you feel much more confident to be seen, stand out and rise into the purpose-filled work that’s meant for you

Limitless Potential

Explore your own spirituality and feel guided by a Higher Power

Explore your relationship with the Universe/ God/ your own Higher Power so you can lean back into a feeling of trust you’ve never felt before
Learn to work with Universal Energy to co-create the outcomes you desire
Hone your intuition and learn to trust your own inner guidance system
Learn powerful spiritual and energetic tools to amplify your manifesting power

What’s it like to work together?

My Private Coaching Packages are the kind of deeply transformational, life-changing, but practical support you’ve been seeking.

  • We can zero in on exactly what you need which means you’ll progress and see results much more quickly 
  • It’s a private, confidential and safe space which you don’t share with anyone else
  • Provides accountability to implement consistently and stay on track
  • It’s completely tailored to you and what you need
  • Includes a high level of support, so you feel completely taken care of and no question goes unanswered
  • You will experience a complete transformation in your life 

I’m a Soulful Guide & Coach to my clients, but my work isn’t just motivational and inspirational.

I’m passionate about equipping my clients with the practical tools and teachings they need to do the deeper inner work.

This means we go beyond just surface-level stuff and get to the heart of what you need to see deep and lasting change in your life.

I believe that the answers to almost all of our challenges in life lie in working with our inner child and using specific emotional release techniques that I’ve developed over the last 6 years of working with clients.

I’m also a certified Breathwork Facilitator.

I use a specific Breathwork technique called Revelation Breathwork. It’s a transformational process that combines deep rhythmic breathing, with a curated musical experience and energetically charged affirmations to create a healing experience many say is unlike anything they’ve ever felt.

It is a simple, safe, and extremely effective process for releasing all of the stuff that holds us back and experiencing big breakthroughs.

I absolutely love the connection that’s created between us in a Private Coaching program.

I get to understand who you are, what’s going on for you, where you’re stuck (and exactly what you need to do to transcend this). You can expect to feel seen, heard and completely supported.

Here’s what you can expect from working together:  

  • A tangible increase in confidence
  • Clear about what is most purposeful for you and where you’re heading
  • Things that used to trigger you a lot, will trigger you much less or not at all
  • Feeling more creative & rediscover a sense of playfulness and fun in your life 
  • Deeper connection in your relationships
  • Feel much more comfortable being “seen” as your authentic self
  • Let go of self-sabotage and procrastination and move towards what you want with far more ease
  • Feel a massive sense of relief and inner peace

You’ll be equipped with a clear process you can use for the rest of your life.

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Sarah says, “Annabelle has literally transformed my life. Working with her was hands down the best decision I have ever made.”

Although Harriet was initially hesitant about making the decision to join a program, in her words she has “found the secret to life.”

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