One Simple Hack That Will Fast Track The Life You Want

Are You Making ThisCommon Mistake With Your Diet-

Having a crystal clear vision for what you want to create is vital for success in any area of life.

Mental visions & goals are exciting. They are what fuel us ahead and bring direction and purpose to our lives.

BUT it’s also important to think about how we go about making our visions and goals come to life.

This is where many of us can get tripped up and, unfortunately, slow ourselves down (or we stop ourselves all together)

We get impatient and frustrated that what we want isn’t here yet.
But not to worry, I’ve got a little known trick to “fast track” the life you want and it’s relatively easy to put into practice.

You’re about to learn why dreaming about your future can sometimes prevent it from showing up and the simple change you can make right away to prevent this.

This is for you if you feel impatient while working towards your goals.

So what is it??

…..It’s presence.

Being present and showing up fully in this moment is the fastest way to getting to where you want to go.

All of the fun, joy, excitement and happiness we want from life doesn’t come from external circumstances or from the things in the future – it always comes from the energy, attention and awareness we bring into each and every moment.

All the pain, frustration and annoyance in our life comes from resisting the moment and placing a label on it – “I want it to be more like this”.

Don’t wait until your external circumstances change or deny yourself happiness just because you aren’t where you want to be yet.

Bring your full attention, enthusiasm and love to whatever you’re doing, wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

The moment already is, so you have two choices:

1. Resist how things are now and feel frustrated by it
2. Engage with the moment and have a great time

How you want to feel is how you can feel right now.

You can feel totally alive in any situation or you can really hate it – the choice is always yours.

It’s never about the circumstances we’re in, it’s what you are bringing to it. Once I got this, it brought so much more happiness and enjoyment back into my life.

Honour where you want to be and at the same time, accept where you are.  It’s not about giving up on your dreams and goals, it’s about enjoying the journey and not being miserable until you “make it”.

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