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Look Within To Round Off The Year Where You Want To Be

The following article was originally featured in Headway magazine.

With colder nights and more time spent indoors, Winter is the perfect time to go within, take stock of where we are and what needs to shift to round off 2019 where we would like to be.

Success Coach, Annabelle Matson introduces us to some key ideas to welcoming more of what we desire into our lives. 

Create The Inner Shift 

If we want to experience a new level in our lives, whether that be a new level of income, success, health or happiness, then we need to be willing to discard the old level, specifically the beliefs, mindset and habits that came with that level.

If we are still walking around as the same person on the inside that got us to where we are now, where do you think we might be in 3, 6 or 12 months time?

This is the crucial inner shift that many people fail to address when it comes to creating change in their lives, but it’s where you’ll see results quickly. 

Let Go Of The Old Self 

It doesn’t matter what we say we want to bring into our lives, it’s all about who we are acting as. There is often a disconnect that exists here. 

For example, we say we would like to attract more love or health into our lives but then we demonstrate thoughts, beliefs and habits of the person who feels unworthy of love or doesn’t treat her body well. This is what I refer to as the “old self”. 

It feels comfortable staying where we are (in the old self) even though we want to change, because it’s what we know and it’s familiar. But no matter how hard we try, if we are still interacting with the world as the old self, we will continue to get more of the same in life.

Awareness is everything. When we are aware of the “old self” and what we are doing that isn’t serving us, then we can start to make changes that align us with the life that we do want.

Be aware of what it looks like to play out the old self so you can begin to change. 

What kind of thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns and behaviours represent your “old self”? 

These are all the things you wish to release and won’t get you to where you want to be. This could be things as such people pleasing, rushing, playing small, being overly critical towards yourself or not making time for yourself. 

Lean Into The New Self

The next step to changing and welcoming the new is to define what it looks like to be in your “new self”. 

Go to the future place where you have the business or career success, the loving relationship or the level of health or income that you desire. 

What is the mindset of that version of you? How does she think?  What are her common thoughts about herself and what’s possible? How does she treat herself? What are her daily habits? How does she carry herself and interact with the world?

It’s your job to become that person now, before anything has shifted in your physical reality. 

Firstly this will lead you to make decisions, take actions and behave in a way that naturally leads you to where you want to be.

Secondly, life begins to respond to this new inner vibration that you are projecting and meets you at this new level rather than your old level. You’ll start attracting opportunities, people, resources and abundance that matches this. 

The Choice Is Yours 

Every morning when you wake up you have a choice.

When you hear thoughts come into your mind and you’re about to act in a certain way, ask yourself:

“Do I want to recreate more of the same or do I want to move closer to the life I really want?” 

From this point, consciously choose to align yourself more and more with your new self by thinking, acting and behaving as if you already have what you desire. 

Wonderful, positive changes will occur in your life when you choose to make these inner shifts first.