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Life Lessons From My First Biz

Not many people know but I had another side gig before I started my current coaching business. 

I use the term “business” quite loosely. It was something I was excited by, put a lot of time and energy into, but more of an expensive hobby with no customers 🙂 

My first “business” was a children’s party planning/decorating business. 

I spend so much time and energy into planning out the themes and buying all the gear. I have endless decorations and themes stored away in my garage. 

BUT I didn’t get very far, because then I found coaching which took me in a brand new direction to where I am today.

However, there were some really important life lessons that came from this first hobby business that I wanted to share with you. 

Whether you’re on the verge of making an important decision in your personal life this year or you’re feeling as though something needs to shift in your career or you’re in business, consider how these lessons may help you to find the clarity and confidence you need to move ahead.

Lesson #1 Action Creates Clarity

We can waste so much time spinning our wheels, weighing up the pros and cons of decisions or anxiously waiting until the time “feels right”. 

The truth is it’s never going to feel totally “right” and there will always be a degree of risk when we move outside of our comfort zone and try something new. 

Of course, take any action you need to mitigate the risks and then after that, you just have to move forward even if it feels scary.

Action creates clarity. As you step out, you’ll get feedback from your environment and you’ll come to realise you’re either totally on the right track, or something needs to shift. 

Either way, you’ve gained wisdom and clarity that would never have showed up if you stayed at step 1. 

I strongly believe that my first hobby business was a necessary step to give me the clarity I needed to start the business I have today. 

When you’re someone who has big ideas and a big vision for your life, you might have to go through a few different things to find the one that sticks. There’s nothing wrong with this. 

Lesson #2: You Can Always Pivot 

I meet so many smart women through my work who are completely paralysed by indecision, afraid they will make the “wrong” decision and be doomed forever. 

Very few decisions in our lives involve life or death consequences.

If after taking action something isn’t as you expected, you can always pivot. 

There are always more steps to take to bring you further into alignment with how you want your life to be.

Lesson #3:  The Time Will Pass Anyway

I recently heard a quote that read  “You can always recover from risks but the one thing you can’t get back is time.” 

I’m personally motivated every day by the fact that time always passes. 

You can either get to the end of next week, next month or next year and be exactly where you want to be (or well on the way) or you can be in the same place. 

Why not use the time you have now to look fear in the eyes, take action and move forward anway? 

Nothing is more painful than looking back on months that have passed and feeling filled with regret that you didn’t use the time to move yourself closer to your dreams. 

A risk is better than a regret so step out and take action! 

With love,

Annabelle x