Journaling Prompts For More Clarity

If you’re craving clarity this year (which way? what do I do?) but you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed here’s a simple process I’d encourage you to use:

Firstly, go broader rather than get stuck in some of the smaller details (that comes later).

Journaling prompt #1 for clarity: 

What am I really craving? What’s underneath that desire for a new career change/new direction? What’s the essence of what I really want to feel and experience in my life?

When you take some time to pause and reflect on those questions perhaps you identify that you’re craving change, adventure maybe it’s creativity, purpose, contribution, you want to grow as a person. 

Now move to question 2….

Journaling prompt #2 for clarity: 

Based on my current understanding, what are all of the ways I can be creating this for myself right now BEFORE the full-blown clarity arrives?

Don’t wait until the perfect idea or all of the steps to become clear to you BEFORE you can begin to move your life in the direction you want it to go.

Don’t deny yourself good feelings, emotions & experiences because you haven’t got all the steps yet. 

Start where you are now and start doing things that give you the emotions that you expect that future thing will give you. Right now. 

We don’t get to where we want to be by beating the drum of struggle and frustration.

You need to create an energetic environment for this change to unfold (this is really important) 

Here’s what happens – you go out and start learning new things and challenging yourself, doing more of what you enjoy. Suddenly you’re feeling good, you’re off the starting blocks and you’ve created an energy of momentum. 

Essentially you’re in the energy of the end outcome (fun, excitement, fulfilment, satisfaction etc.)

And of course, you will begin to draw more into your life of a similar vibration, including the way forward and all the specific steps you’ve been seeking. 


Take some time over the next few days and journal or simply reflect on these questions. Don’t get caught up in all of the specifics. 

Start where you are, start moving and allow the specifics to unfold (because they will).

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