It’s Not Luck It’s Alignment

I have seen time and time again the ease at which results can occur in my life when my energy is aligned and I’m in positive expectancy of the outcome I want.

Energy trumps action. 

In the past, I’ve taken lots of action and hustled towards a goal/desire where my predominant energy was fear and uncertainty and attracted “just enough”. 

But I know that when I take the time to align my energy, bask in emotions of joy and gratitude and clear my blocks –  I can take way less action and attract far more than I expect, with far greater ease. 

When it comes to results, your only job is to care for and tend to your energy and your thoughts. 

Check in right now – when it comes to the desire or outcome you want: 

Are you feeling excited about it and expecting it? Or are you in fear & doubt?

Before you take any more action, align your energy. 

Journaling is my favourite way to do this, I write statements that put me into an energy of momentum. 

I use language like: 

I’m feeling more and more certainty about X [insert your desire]
The path to my desire is getting clearer and clearer. 
The ideas and actions I need are coming to me 
I am feeling the excitement of my desires being attracted to me 
Easy ways to create X are coming to me now. 
I love the feeling of attracting what I want
I love the feeling of things working out for me 
I feel so grateful for the ease at which I’m creating results in my life.
I’m opening up and allowing X into my life. 
Opportunities are everywhere and they are coming to me now.
I feel so happy and grateful that X is here now.

…..and from there go into more specific statements about what you wish to experience. 

Remember, it’s not about how much action you take, it’s ALL about the energy you’re in. 

Align your energy to the outcome and your results happen much more easily.

Hope these serve you! 

With love,

Annabelle x

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