It’s Called “Self” Worth For A Reason

Self Worth

It can’t be found in your bank account, how many friends you have, what your house looks like or from a relationship.

It’s called “self” worth for a reason – because it can only come from you.

Self worth comes from being proud of who you are right now in this moment and recognising all that you’ve overcome.

Self worth comes from being the person your “inner me” can rely on.

Self worth comes from honouring commitments to yourself (like making time for yourself and your needs).

After all, the outside stuff can come and go – looks change, jobs change, relationships change, but what doesn’t change is the deeper part of who you are.

That part of you that is loving, resilient, compassionate, creative and strong.

Let yourself see and express these parts of your personality.

Identifying with these parts of yourself (rather than outside stuff) is where true self worth comes from.

This is what will set you free.


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