How To Overcome The Fear Of Getting It Wrong

We can often stay in a place of feeling stuck about what’s next because we’re afraid of making the wrong decision.

This is a pretty normal human fear (and also comes up for me) but today I want to offer you another perspective:

Any action you take begins a conversation between you and the Universe – A bit like a tennis match – you play one shot, and the Universe responds with another.

But if you stop hitting the ball, the game finishes.

If you stay still and you don’t take action, you essentially stay in uncertainty and the Universe will just mirror back to you that feeling of stuckness.

When you listen to your inner guidance and move forward in some way (even if it’s just small steps, to begin with) it then allows the Universe to respond to the momentum that you have just created.

You’ll be presented with more opportunities, more ideas and further actions to take that will lead you further down your path.

You have to get moving to be able to receive this guidance.

If you move toward something and you discover that it’s not quite what you wanted, there are always more steps to take that will bring you more into alignment with what you want.

Either way, when you move toward something, it means you’re further down your path than if you stayed at step 1 waiting for total certainty.

The truth is we are supported beyond what you can ever imagine when it comes to our path in life.

Affirm this today:

I can’t stuff this up.

I can’t do life wrong.

Every step I take is leading me closer to where I want to be.

I trust myself.

I trust my inner guidance.

I trust that the Universe is always leading me to where I need to be.

I’m open and ready for the next steps.

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