Grounding Yourself In Uncertain Times

You might be like a lot of people right now and feeling scared, anxious and fearful about what’s happening in our world.

At times like this, it can be challenging to stay balanced so we can continue to carry out our daily responsibilities and support family, team members, customers and importantly, ourselves.

What I’d recommend you do is prioritise some practices and activities that ground your energy.

If you’re looking for some support, here are some of my personal practices:

1. Give yourself a good chunk of time in the morning (before you reach for your phone and scroll) to fill your own cup up. This is an excellent time to write out supportive and positive affirmations or listen to my I AM Audio. You can listen to it for free here.

2. Ground yourself through mediation each morning even if you just do 5-10 mins.

3. Take regular stillness breaks throughout the day. Light a candle. Focus on your breath. Be still. I challenge myself to do 5-10 mins several times per day.

4. Use EFT or Tapping. This is a tool I teach all of my clients. It’s really good for anxiety relief. You can find out more about this technique via or go on Youtube.

5. Massively limit your exposure to the news. Yes, we know it’s serious but we don’t have to hear about it every 30 minutes. Be mindful about how you’re staying updated. For me, I’m on social media much less and read the news once a day.

6. Make yourself feel safe. This will look different for everyone. It’s a good chance to actually ask yourself – “What makes me feel safe?”

For me, safety looks like:

Keeping my self-care up and having routines I can rely on morning and night. Now isn’t a time to drop all of your personal practices. It’s time to use them and take them to a new level.

Keeping up “normal” activities when it’s safe to do so.

Making time to connect with the people I love.

Reassuring and being the supportive “parent” to my inner child and saying kind, loving and supportive words to myself.

What does your “inner me” need to hear from you?

7.  As you wash your hands think about what you’re feeling grateful for today. It’s an instant energy shift.

I’m sending my love and support to you.
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