How To Get Out of A Rut

Maybe you hear yourself saying, I can only feel better when:

  • I get the new job
  • I make more money
  • I leave this relationship or find the one
  • Lose this weight

If I can just have XYZ…… then I will feel less anxious, less stressed, more fulfilled, more motivated and happy about where I’m heading.

Often can feel alone but we actually long for the same things.

Even though there are differences between us, there’s also a lot of similarities that I see across all the women I work with – we’re all wanting to feel a sense of purpose and meaning from life & feel motivated and good about where we’re heading but be able to feel joy and happiness from everyday life as well.

Not that long ago, my health hit rock bottom. I felt stuck and trapped by my everyday life and was constantly looking for that “next thing” to fix me.

THEN I had this massive light bulb moment:

What I realised was (and this was the gamechanger for me) I was responsible for where I was at and the only one that could get myself into a better place.

The fulfilment, joy and passion for life I was seeking in all these things externally, had to come from me first.

THIS changed everything for me. I underwent a radical personal transformation and discovered this way of living, thinking and feeling.

Through the work I did on myself, I developed methods that have now helped hundreds of women through my work and transformed my own life too.

What I realised was, feeling better about my life: 

  • Wasn’t about getting another job
  • It wasn’t about taking another holiday
  • It wasn’t about making more money

These things are all great and I’m not saying not to strive for these things, but  it can’t be the only place you’re going to feel good about yourself. What happens for so many of us is we strive for these things in the hope they will “fix us” yet we don’t feel any different once we get them OR we deny ourselves happiness until we get there.

If you recognise yourself in anything I’ve just discussed: firstly you need to know it’s not your fault that you feel this way. We are programmed through childhood to believe that happiness is based on achievement and not simply “being where we are”.

If you’re wanting these things “outside things” to fill you up, you must know that it’s a void that can’t be filled.

The only way to feel completely at peace, to experience new levels of joy and happiness is create the inner transformation FIRST. It has to come from within.

When you do this work:

  • Get clear about what you really want from life
  • Inspired and confident to follow your dreams
  • You give yourself permission to enjoy life NOW.

By doing this kind of work – my clients have the confidence to change careers or finally go for that promotion, to find peace in the relationships in their lives, discover new passions and feel a sense of calmness they have been missing. So if this is something you want, you don’t need to wait any longer, you don’t need to put your happiness of to some mythical time in the future, you can start now.  

I’ve helped hundreds of other women find fulfillment, joy and meaning in their lives. Check  out my signature program, The Dream Life Academy. 




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