Follow The Breadcrumbs To Clarity

Perhaps you’ve been reflecting recently and you know there needs to be a change in your job, overall direction or another aspect of your life. 

We can do all the right things: 

>> Declare what we want 

>> Visualise 

>> Create affirmations 

…and then you might be asking “Universe – where is it? Why can’t I see what I need to do?”

We can often be waiting for a lightning bolt of inspiration or that one big idea to show up. 

….and when it doesn’t, it feels like we are doing something wrong, or we’re going to stay stuck and unsure forever. 

BUT the truth about clarity (about anything you’re wanting to know) it doesn’t get served up to us on a platter, instead it comes to us in breadcrumbs. 

Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean. 

If you’ve been asking questions – what’s next, what do I need to be doing? There are breadcrumbs that are showing up for you that are leading you to exactly what you have been asking for watch the video above to learn more.

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