Find Your Feet

I’m writing you a note today to remind you that it’s okay to take some time to find your feet with this new way of life we’ve found ourselves in.

(And to also to let go of any pressure you might be placing on yourself).

If you’re used to living at a fast pace and you’re always on the go, more than likely the extra space and time at home is going to feel uncomfortable.

You might subconsciously try to ease this discomfort by loading yourself up with things to do.

You may be feeling an underlying pressure and anxiety to “use this time wisely”.

You might be thinking of all the things you’re going to do – like cleaning out the garage, overhauling your garden, tidying your emails, getting the cupboards organised etc.

Be mindful that you’re not loading yourself up with a “to-do” list — otherwise, you’re missing the lesson of this whole experience.

You don’t need to ‘achieve’ anything during this period. You just need to be present.

Present with yourself. Present with those around you.

Presence makes you feel safe.

Presence makes you feel connected.

Presence allows you to hear your inner guidance more clearly.

Inner guidance that will show you what you need to learn, where you need to go and what you need to do.

There are going to be some key lessons both collectively and individually that we will take from this experience to better ourselves and our world — being present is what will allow us to connect with these.

I’m mindful that many people (like our Healthcare workers and essential services) don’t have the ability to slow down. We honour their service to us by using this time in a conscious and intentional way.

If it’s making you feel anxious, let go of the to-do list and focus on being present instead.

The best way to do that is to look at how you’re starting your day.

Starting The Day With Intention

For me, this is usually meditation and writing.

Use my FREE resources to start the day with intention: 

My I AM Audio

My Morning Manifesting Practice

Rest & Restore Meditation

(Click the links above to download them for free)

How you start your day will inform the rest of the day and the rest of the week and the whole experience of being at home.

It’s the small stuff that counts.

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