Why You Don’t Need To Know How

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In the past, I’ve got so caught up with “how” things were going to happen for me. I was a control freak to say the least and meticulously planned every element of my life.

For years I was afraid to be bold or take risks because I doubted my dreams and my ability to make them happen. I didn’t know how I would be able to help people and get paid for it.

Just like me, so many others become paralysed by not knowing HOW their dreams will come true and therefore, they don’t take action. They stay stuck right where they are.

If this is you or ever has been you, I have something to say:

Waiting until you can see every single step along the way, means you will always be waiting. Your current self couldn’t possibly know every part of the journey to get to your future self.

How do I know this?

Because 3 years ago I made the decision I wanted out of the corporate rat race. I wanted to support other women in creating their best lives and have the freedom to express myself and things I’m passionate about, through my work.

And now I wake up each morning and IT’S LITERALLY HAPPENING.

This has happened, all because I literally said “screw the how” and started to take action without knowing every step along the way.

I didn’t know every single detail. All I knew was that it WOULD happen. I made this an absolute non-negotiable and I got to work. With every step, the larger picture started to become a lot clearer.

Just like that, it’s real. And the best part is, is that it feels completely natural. Like it was totally meant to be all along.

Of course there’s PLENTY more that I want to achieve on a much larger scale, I trust that with faith and action my bigger, grander plans WILL come true. It’s honestly just a matter of time.

So if you’re really struggling when it comes to figuring out ’the how’ of your dreams, try these simple steps:

1. Look for evidence

On a scale of 1-10 how strongly do you believe that your dreams could actually come true for you?

Be honest here. Do you believe that you could have everything you’re aiming for? If you’re near a 10 that’s awesome. If not, start looking for evidence that your dreams CAN come true for you.

Who is doing what you want to do? If similar dreams have come true for others – then why not you?

2. What kind of action do you need to take?

It’s impossible to know every single action step to take (you’ll get that clarity once you start moving forward) but what seems logical right now?

Maybe you need to call someone who’s achieved something similar to pick their brain, do a Google search and read interviews from experts about their own journey, get the help and guidance of a Coach.

Sometimes we feel that we have to take some dramatic action and turn our lives upside down in one go, when in reality most change occurs over time, consistent action after consistent action.

Do a brain dump of all the action steps you need to take to get yourself closer to your goals and then commit to just 1 or 2 action steps over the next week.

3. ALLOW the Universe to help you

Believe me when I say this—you don’t have to know the “how”.

If you are like me and have the tendency to be a bit of a control freak, I totally get it that you would MUCH prefer to know the how. But this just keeps you stuck – not taking action until you can see every single detail.

FAITH & COURAGE are key here.

Alongside taking action, you must cultivate the knowing that the right people and the right opportunities will show up for you exactly when they’re meant to. Trust that the how is being supplied in ways that you wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly understand yet.

Your dreams and desires don’t go away because “it’s not the right time”.

You will continue to feel that tug to take action and it will feel stronger and stronger until you do.

So tell me what’s the first step you can take to start creating the life you want?

Leave me a comment below x

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