Dealing With Fear of the Future

When it comes to the future, we often think:

“If I can’t just get to X or If I could just achieve Y then I’ll be able to relax. “

I see this pattern all the time in my life! But I have to remind myself, it doesn’t work that way.
What I’ve really come to know is that we are always going to be dealing with a degree of uncertainty in our lives.

When you are committed to living a full life, there is always going to be more that you are seeking.

You might achieve one thing but once you’re there you’re likely to feel that pull to grow and expand again.

With that expansion will come uncertainty.

There is never going to be a time in our lives where we have complete certainty about how everything will play out, so we can either get stressed out, worried, or anxious about that…

OR…we can lean into faith and get in-sync with the Universe and trust that we will always be supported and provided for.

Approach #1: Makes life feel very hard

Approach #2: Creates contentment, gratitude, and inner peace.

There is no doubt that learning to trust and having faith is going to create a better life experience for you.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around all day feeling uptight and stressed out about how things will play out.

I want to be able to enjoy the blessings I already have. I want to have gratitude for what is and trust that I’ll be led to where I need to be.

Doesn’t that feel SO much better?
You only need to look at your past experiences to see how much you are always supported.

Take a look at the periods of your life where you dealt with uncertainty. Perhaps you couldn’t see how something was going to work, or how the pieces would come together – but they did.

And you’re here now.
That’s not to say everything always works out the way we want it to, there are twists and turns, sometimes we have to adjust our expectations.

— But on the whole, I can bet that you can look back at those times of uncertainty and see that it all played out the way you needed to.

It’s safe to believe and know that you will be provided for (even if you can’t see how yet).

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