How To Create A Morning Routine To Set Yourself Up For Success


Creating a morning routine will see your day and ultimately your life flow with greater ease and positivity.


There’s a reason why people like Tony Robbins, Oprah and Obama talk about morning routines being a big part of their day, because they work!


Integrating a morning routine is a powerful way to introduce a sense of balance, calmness and positivity into your life. When you take the time to honour yourself and “fill yourself up” in the morning, your life (and your day) flows so much more smoothly.

Never had a morning routine or are you keen to give your morning routine a makeover? Try out these steps below to create a morning routine of your own.

Step 1:
Consider what would be your ideal way to start the day.


Here are some ideas:

Standing outside and watching the sun rise
Breathing exercises
Writing in your journal
Taking the time to do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel good
Reading an inspiring book
Preparing a healthy breakfast
Sitting down with a cup of tea and being mindful & present
Writing out an intention for the day, or affirmations
Listening to an inspiring podcast

Step 2: What is 1 “must have” item.

This is something that needs to happen and is non-negotiable. Then have 2 “nice to have” items, good to do but no stress if they don’t happen.

There will be times when things come up, when your child is sick or a project needs more of your time and that’s okay. Focus on getting your top item done, so you are still setting yourself up for a great day ahead.


If you have more time, as a bonus you can fit in your other 2 as well, but if not, at least you’ve taken some time to set your day up successfully.

Step 3: Consider what needs to happen to make sure you actually implement a morning routine.


What time do you need to be getting up? What action can you put in place to make sure it sticks?

For example:

Put your gym gear out next to your bed, set up a corner in your house for meditation or journaling, ask your partner to wake the kids so you can have 5 minutes to do something just for you.


A morning routine sends you springing into the day with positive vibes. Your day will unfold very differently when you choose to give to yourself first.

Whether you take 5 minutes or 2 hours, what matters most is that you’ve been intentional about creating some time and space for yourself, so you show up each day as the best version of you.

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