Ask Annabelle Segment on The Steep Your Soul Podcast

Do you have a question that you’re stuck on? Have you listened to the podcast episodes and felt like you wanted to ask me a question?

Each month on the Steep Your Soul Podcast, I’ll be answering a handful of community questions.

After working with hundreds of clients, I know that we all share common challenges when it comes to creating the life we want. You are not alone and I hope this segment helps you to see that too.

Before you submit a question, please note the following:

It takes a lot of courage to seek support in this way. Please know that your question is received with deep respect, love and gratitude.

Not every question that’s submitted will be answered. We’re not able to notify you if your question will / won’t be included in the segment, so tune into an upcoming episode to find out!

To give yourself the best chance of getting your question answered, be clear and specific in what you’re asking and use 200 words or less. Listen to the podcast episodes and get a feel for the topics that are discussed.

The first name you supply with your question will be used. Your email address will not be used.

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