3 Simple Ways To Create A More Fulfilling & Meaningful Life

Create a meaningful and fulfilling life


A few years ago, there was a study done on New Years resolutions.


The top New Years Resolution wasn’t, “I want to make more money”  or “I want to lose weight.”, it was “How do I live my life to the fullest.”


I know that is one of the #1 goals my clients to me with is to learn how to tap into a more meangingful and fulfilling life as well.


What does it mean to live life to the fullest?


How do you create a fulfilling life?


This is a big topic and it’s an important one to discuss.


The level of fulfilment we experience is directly related to the quality of our life, how we feel about ourselves which then in turn impacts on our relationships, our work and family life and everything else.


When you’re feeling settled and really content about where your life is heading everything else falls into place.


So just take a moment and think about how you are living your life. Have a think right now…


Are you happy with your life?


Are there any changes that you want to make?


What are you really craving from life?


Often when things like depression, low moods, often anxiety or addictive behaviours show up what’s often a part of those issues is that we feel hopeless, helpless and feel as though our lives have no meaning.


That’s why I believe this conversation needs to happen a lot more often than it does, and hopefully what I discuss with you today can you help you to start a conversation for yourself and for the people you love too.


If you’re in a place of feeling as though you’re definitely not fulfilled with your life,  or things aren’t working out the way you want them too, this is actually a good thing.


You may not think so, but it really is. As humans the gap between where we are and where we want to go, creates a tension within us which is a very powerful impetus for change.


Today I want to walk you through a little framework, a 3 step process to ensure you are living your life to the fullest, and loving who you are and what you do:


1. You’ve got to take risks.  


Nobody is living life to the fullest is sitting still and not taking action. Nobody is living life to the fullest feeling bored with the way things are and doing the same thing they did yesterday.


Anyone who is living with fulfilment is consistently pushing the boundaries, pushing their own inner limits and growing and developing as a person. There’s a saying “We’re either growing or dying.” and there’s so much truth to that.


When we aren’t taking risks and challenging ourselves, we stuck in limiting patterns that don’t serve us.


In order to grow you must step outside of your comfort zone and feel that sense of uncertainty and fear.


That fear and self doubt will come up (it comes up for me every time I’m doing something new in my business or growing in someway.)  But you have to develop courage to take action even if you don’t feel ready yet and even if something feels scary.


You have the courage there already, it’s built within you, you’ve just spent too long listening to your fears. Give yourself permission to not listen to that part of your mind anymore.


If you’re in a place where life is feeling stagnant, your opportunity here is to make the courageous choice and take your power back.


Commit now to being courageous, to putting yourself out there more and most importantly call B.S. on your fears and negative self talk and just take action anyway.



2. Many of us get lost looking outside of us in how to create a more meaningful life.


We often feel like the relationships, losing weight, getting love from someone else, food, the achievement of that job or signature line will give us that fullness that we crave. But it’s never the outside things or external things.


Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with setting goals of achieving more financial success or wanting to accelerate success in work, career. It becomes a problem if that’s the only place you are going to seek fullness in your life.


When we are looking for everything outside of us to give us value, it will never feel like enough. That’s why we can often work really hard towards a goal, and we achieve it and it doesn’t give us that sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that we thought it would.


The lack of fulfilment is like a void within us. This void can never be filled from the achievement of outside things – it will come from you and only you.


I believe that living life to the fullest is about living an emotionally full life. To live an emotionally full life is one where you feel a sense of inner peace and acceptance about who you are. You give yourself the gift of your own acceptance.


As women we spend so much time criticising ourselves, focussing on where we are lacking and what needs to change about ourselves. This is anything BUT the pathway to fulfilment.


Take time to really get to know who you are:  What do you value and appreciate about yourself?  As women this is stuff we don’t ever stop to recognise this stuff, but it’s the key to filling that void within us that can’t be filled with outside things.


I walk you through some powerful but simple exercises in my eBook Loving Yourself.


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3. It’s up to YOU to take control of your life and ultimately you get to decide what take from it.


We have a human capacity to transform personal tragedy into triumph, always.


We hear stories all day, where people face unimaginable suffering that could break them but somehow they wind up growing stronger, more resilient and even more fulfilled as a result.  


If something has happened in the past – you can assign whatever meaning you want to it – it could be the worst thing ever, reinforce that you aren’t good enough or that you’re a failure.


OR they could be big life lessons – lessons in disguise teaching you how to love and accept yourself more, teaching you how to stay in your personal power and stand your ground.


I’m not taking away from experiences from your past some of these things can be incredibly challenging,  I’m encouraging you to give yourself this amazing gift of letting that stuff go so you can move forward.


The suffering we experience is 90% what the meaning we assign to it.  


Try a reframe.



Remember that you are the creator of your experience,  by what you’re focussing on and what you are making things mean in your life.


There’s this saying that when you get to 70 years old, you won’t have lived 70 years. you would have lived 1 year 70 times. Don’t let that be you!!!


Take back control of your life and take responsibility.


What can you do today to really cement this in? How are you going to be courageous? How are you going to take action?


Leave me a bold commitment in the comments below. Declaring it will make it WAY more likely that you’ll make it happen



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