3 Questions To Ask Yourself During Lockdown

I don’t know about you, but this time in Lockdown has me reflecting in an even deeper way. 

Clearly there are lessons we are being called to learn collectively and individually. The slower pace and time at home is providing an amazing opportunity to connect with our intuition and access these lessons. 

I’ve been encouraging my client community to use this period to reflect on where they are and how they want their life to look and feel post lockdown (because the good news is – we will come out of this)  

Today, I want to offer you 3 powerful questions.  Carve out some time, grab a journal and reflect on these questions: 

(1) What have I been saying ‘yes’ to in my life, that after lockdown needs to be a ‘no’?

(2) Why do I feel like I have to be busy? What am I really craving instead?

(3) What am I appreciating about this period and how can I bring more of this into my life after lockdown? 

There is an incredible opportunity here to pause, reflect and decide on what’s coming with you after lockdown and what’s staying behind. 

You’ve got the answers, just create the space to let them in. 

I have 1 practice that can really support you during this Lockdown period.

It’s an ideal way to bring that mindful, conscious intention to the beginning of your day. 

Here they are: 

My I AM Motivational Audio – all you need to do is press play, sit back and soak in the positive vibes. This audio has been download literally hundreds of times. You can listen to it here. 

It’s free to download – click the link above to get instant access.

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