THIS Is Why You Won’t Follow Through On Your Goals This Year


Do you know the real reason why you won’t follow through on your goals this year?

Want to know what it is?






….it’s self doubt.


There’s the doubt about whether your goals are too big or too small, too narrow or too broad.

And, of course, when you finally settle on your goals, your inner critic thoughts will start to flood in like:

‘Can I even achieve this?’

‘Is that even possible for someone like me?’

‘I’ve never managed to write a book / lose weight / run a marathon before, why would this year be any different?’

…Geez! No wonder most people don’t achieve their goals from year to year!

Self-doubt stops way too many people in their tracks. If you let it, it can cripple you, keep you paralysed, and cause you to remain stagnant for years and years to come.

But I want to let you in on a little secret….

Everyone, no matter how successful they are, experiences self-doubt and fear.


If you’re constantly pushing yourself to go bigger and better – you are definitely going to experience these feelings on some level.

It’s okay to have doubt and uncertainty. Feeling stretched and uncomfortable is a necessary precursor to big growth and expansion.

Don’t wait until your fear goes away, instead learn how to move forward with fear and use it as leverage.

Self-doubt does not need to stop you from achieving all you desire.

Here are 4 steps to overcome fear & self-doubt so you can conquer every goal you set this year.

1. Acknowledge Your Fears & Doubts

Firstly, it’s okay to have doubt and uncertainty. Heck, everyone has doubt and uncertainty.

There is a part of your mind that loves everything that is routine, familiar and comfortable. It doesn’t want you to cross that line and move outside of your comfort zone because it means you’re going to be in unchartered territory.

Fear is actually showing up to try and keep you out of any perceived danger from moving into this unchartered territory. 

Accept that when you’re challenging yourself and doing something new, that it’s more than likely that fears will surface.

BUT have you noticed how stuffing down your fears and pretending like they aren’t there, only makes them stronger?

Instead of stuffing it down, welcome fear in.Take some time to analyse your fears, look at them and discuss them.

You could use journaling, work with a Coach or confide in a trusted friend.

Ask yourself:

“Is this really true?”

If you feel that your fears are justified ask yourself: “What do I need to do to mitigate any perceived risk?”

Once you welcome fear in, you’re going to find it loosens its grip on you and you become a lot more objective.

You can take steps to mitigate any perceived risk, close that loop and put your mind at ease so you feel more confident about moving ahead.

2. Assign A New Meaning

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Feeling stretched and uncomfortable is a necessary pre-cursor to huge growth and expansion.

If I’m not feeling fear on a regular basis, it means that I’m not pushing myself or growing and developing as a person. If I’m not growing and developing, it means I’m not living according to my personal values and more than likely my life feels stagnant and boring.

Fear means you’re challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is where all the magic happens!

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, back yourself, believe in the power of your dreams, and take the risk of investing in yourself, well, there’s some pretty amazing things up for grabs .

Get excited about the possibilities that exist on the other side of fear!

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3. Start Before You’re Ready

One of the biggest obstacles that stop way too many from achieving their dreams and desires is waiting until they have “got it together” or they’re “perfect” before they take action.

Here’s the thing, when the voice of fear & self doubt is really loud, there will never be a good time to start. There’s always going to be a reason why you aren’t ready. It’s imperative that you take action anyway, even if you don’t feel ready.

Confidence is not something you can develop just by sitting in your house, thinking about all the things you will do when you feel more confident.

We gain courage by feeling fear and taking action anyway. We feel more confident when we actually do things we feel afraid of.

The more you take action, the quieter the voice of self doubt becomes.

4. Take Your Power Back

You are in control of your life. You’ve just spent waaaay too long listening to your fears, so give yourself permission to not listen to that part of your mind anymore.

If you’re in a place where life is feeling stagnant, your opportunity is to make a courageous choice and take your power back.

Don’t let another year go by without you really stepping into this idea that you’re 100% in control of your life. 

Call B.S. on your fears and take responsibility for your one precious life and create the BEST possible version of it.

There’s a saying that when you get to 70 years old, you won’t have lived 70 years, you would have lived 1 year 70 times. Don’t let that be you.

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  1. Wow, was reading through you’re coaching really opened up my mind get me motivated and believed in myself that I want to achieved my goal for 2017.Thanks Annabelle.

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