A Letter To Your Inner Critic

Perfectionism and procrastination are two of the deadliest survival patterns.

They are dream killers.


We can’t move forward unless it’s perfect….so we stay stuck.


We don’t take actions that will allow us to make progress….so we stay stuck.

Perfectionism and procrastination are also two of the favourite games your inner critic likes to play.

What’s interesting is when you peel back the layers of these “surface symptoms” you’re going to find FEAR OF FAILURE.

Fear of failure is the biggest barrier to creating success

When you’re operating from fear you hear your inner critic say things like:

“That won’t happen for you”

“You’ve tried so many times before, don’t bother.”

“You aren’t smart / experienced / skinny / talented enough…yet”
What most people don’t realise is that these thoughts may sound like you, but they aren’t you.

This is the voice of your inner critic or “ego mind”.

When the voice of your inner critic is loud, it’s basically impossible to create the life you want.

So, I have a couple of things I want to say to your inner citric:

It’s time to stop the criticism, judgement and constant pressure to do more.

She’s doing her best. She always has been.

She wants to learn, grow and set new goals and she can’t do that when you’re being so freakn‘ hard on her.

Cut her some slack today – let her move forward and you’ll see how capable she really is.

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Here’s the thing:
To be happy, you’ve got to grow.
To grow, you’ve got to learn.
To learn you’ve got to make mistakes.
To make mistakes, you’ve got to fail.

We have to end the association between “failing” and our value or worthiness. You are enough

When you know this to your core it gives you the courage to DO more, step outside of your comfort zone and BE your best.

When you know that you’re enough that’s when you feel good about trying something new.

Because even if you do “fail”, you don’t take it personally because YOU are enough.
The method, strategy or approach might need to change but YOU are still enough and that means you pick yourself up and try again.

When you learn to fill the voids within you, you no longer need the validation outside to know you’re enough.

This means you’re armed with the courage you need to take action on massive goals.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time show your inner critic the door.

I’ve got a free resource to show you how to do that.

Download the free guide to Breaking Up With Your Inner Critic

You’ll learn a powerful formula to break up with your inner critic and build strong confidence, so you can start taking action towards your biggest dreams and goals.




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